Monday, August 30, 2010

Birds, Turtles and Birds

Well somehow I've managed to come down with a cold. GREAT! Just something else to add to the fantastic time I'm having being pregnant! Oh well. I think it's almost gone but it's been a challenge to keep my coughing under control. If I start to cough too much it sometimes leads to throwing up-YUCK! So I've been drinking water and hot tea like NO ONES business for the past few days and Friday I was literally going to the bathroom every hour if not more often! Thank goodness we didn't go anywhere or I would have spent the whole day looking for bathrooms! I have 2 appointments this week. Today I meet with the nutritionist again, and Wednesday I meet with my OB.

I did get to meet the doula's at the hospital on Saturday and found out some pretty shocking news. There are only 6-7 hospitals in the ENTIRE country that have an on staff doula program! Can you believe that? It's so important to have an doula's on staff at the hospital too because they have great relationships with the nurses and doctors and are allowed in places that other doula's aren't. For example if we hired an outside doula and then need a c-section for any reason the doula wouldn't be able to go with you, however if you have an on staff doula that doula is allowed to go to the c-section with you, recovery and more. Plus at the hospital you're allowed 4 people in the room with you (not that that will happen-Dan will be the only one-no one else needs to be there!) but the doula isn't counted in the 4 because she's staff. So if you wanted your entire family there, or at least 4 of them, you could still do it. But I was shocked that more hospitals don't have a doula program, it's crazy!! Last year the hospital almost got rid of the doula program for budget cuts. The doulas were told 1/1/09 that by 7/1/09 they would be gone and that over the next 6 months they would start to be 'phased out' well there was an uproar from Dr's, patients, and nurses begging them to keep the program but it wasn't until the c-section rate shot up in those 6 months that the hospital changed their minds. Apparently as the doula's were being phased out, the c-section rate was going way up and most of the people getting c-sections couldn't pay for them so the hospital was stuck with those bills anyway. So they looked at the numbers again and realized it was soooo much cheaper to keep the doula's on staff then it was to keep paying for c-sections. So fortunately for us the hospital still has the doula's! Yay! We had a a doula with Logan and it was the best money we spent for the pregnancy! We're expecting this to be money well spent as well!! If you're also expecting I highly recommend looking into getting a doula they're soooooo worth it!!

Ok, that's probably way more info than you stopped by for today! So let's get to some cards, ok! I have 3 cards to show you. One that I made and 2 that Logan made. He's been working on some Thank You cards for those that gave him birthday gifts in the last few weeks. So first I'll show you mine.

I used the Aviary stamp set and the little owl-I JUST LOVE HIM!! He's so cute!!
This is a pretty simple self explanatory card. I stamped the owl 5 times, punched them out and stuck them to the card. I'm really liking the ribbon on this card too! I just think it makes it a little more girly! But you could always leave the ribbon off, change the colors and make it a masculine card.

Here's Logan's first card.
He wanted the turtle from the Fox and Friends set and he even used the markers to color the turtle. He started with Certainly Celery and then added some Old Olive. He colored over the Celery with the Old Olive so instead of a 2 toned turtle he still ended up with an Old Olive turtle. But he was happy with it and I was happy that my markers didn't get ruined and so it was a good time all around!

Here's his second card. He's really been asking to use the striped ribbon-he loves it for some reason so I let him stick it to this card and my thought was that he would stick the birdcage on top of the ribbon but instead he put it next to the ribbon. It's his card. It's not how I would have done it but I've learned to let Logan stick things where he wants to put them and keep my mouth shut. He used the color spritzer on this one too. He did a good job. I sometime have trouble getting it to spray nicely but he just kept squeezing it until he got the look he wanted. He asked me to help him line up the stand on the bird cage but that's pretty much all I helped with. He even tore the cardstock himself! I love this card. I think I'm going to get Logan the Make a Monster Stamp set with my next order. I think he'll love that! Plus then I can 'borrow' it!!! :)
No supply list today, since there are sooo many and I really need to get off the computer :) If you have questions about anything used leave a comment or send me an email and I'll get back to you.
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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Karen Wedding said...

Ruth, I wanted to let you know I received my prizes on Monday. Thank you so much. They're great and I love the card you sent with it. I deleted your e-mail and couldn't get my computer to cough up the address again, so I am writing you this way. Thanks again!