Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday-Peek-a-Boo Card

Happy Tuesday. Today's card is a really fun easy way to get a wow and it's not hard at all. (Sorry for some of the pictures. It's a cold and dark day here so I didn't have a lot of the natural light to work with as I usually do.) The stamp set that I'm using is called If the Halo Fits. It is a current stamp set, but for this catalog it's on the dormant list but you can still purchase it, if you want it just let me know.

For this card you'll need a 12 x 5.5 piece of paper, I'm using textured So Saffron. You'll also need a piece of white, or any neutral color, cut to 7.5x5.5. Other supplies you'll need are sticky strip, scissors and a large punch-I'm using the 1 3/4 circle. So let's get started!

Score the white cardstock on the 7.5 inch side at 3 3/4. Score the So Saffron cardstock on the 12 inch side at 3 1/2 and 7 3/4.

After you score your saffron piece you'll notice that one side is larger then the other (to be exact it will be 4 1/4). That is the side that you'll glue the white piece on. ONLY put adheisive on half of it and line it up to the top of the saffron piece. NOTE: YOUR SCORE LINES WILL NOT LINE UP. You don't want them to. That's all part of the magic of the card.

Fold the smaller saffron piece OVER the white cardstock and use your punch to punch your circle out. Make sure you punch it as FAR away from the edge as possible. I use a pencil and lightly mark where my punch lines up with the white so you know where to stamp.

Stamp your image. It's ok if it doesn't fit on the white completely the only part you're going to see when it's done is the part viewed through the punched hole.

Color your image if needed and erase the pencil marks.

Use your scissors to cut the corners off of your white piece. Cut out as much as you can without cutting into the punched viewing area.

Put a small amount of sticky strip on the corners right above your score line. Open and close the card and make sure that none of the white touches the sticky strip when it's opened and closed. If it does cut a little more off the white until your card opens and closes smoothly.

Fold over and stick together.

Stamp an inside greeting if desired.

Stamp and emblelish the front.

Here's the card opening. When you open it the image will appear in the window you punched.

That's it. I hope it wasn't too confusing. If you have questions let me know.
Thanks for looking see you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Such a cute idea. Thanks for the great instructions. I can't wait to try it myself. Candice