Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Owl Paper Clips

Michelle's theme for her scrapbook weekend was Owls, so boy did my owl punch get a work out!  I have lots of owl projects to inspire you, you're in for a hoot this week (lol-so sorry I had to do it!).  I made 25 of these owl topped giant paper clips.  They came out so adorable, I almost ran to Staples and pick up my own set of jumbo paper clips to make my own :)  Who am I kidding I totally did that!   
The owls are pretty simple-sorry for the dark photo :( I think someone (Logan) has been messing with my camera settings again.  I decided googlie eyes were way cute (and easier!).  His vest is just some DSP I happed to have scraps of on my desk and the little gold glimmer heart was again more scraps.  I love using up my scraps on adorable guys like this!
To finish him I just tied a little bakers twine around the paperclip.  He was done!!!  To make these  you'll need to punch 2 owl per paper clip, a front and back.  The best way I've found that they stick and stay on is hot glue.  I put a giant blog on the back owl then stick on my paper clip then my front owl.  It dries fast and secure.  SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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